Childhood Abduction Prevention School

Click on the link below to see why the CAPS program is necessary for all elementary schools! Imagine if she didn’t have any training!


CAPS is a fun filled animated and interactive adventure for elementary aged students. The curriculum was designed by a highly effective physical education teacher, school safety site coordinator and master martial arts instructor! The design is based upon academic standards as well as physical education, child safety and self defense curricula. CAPS engages students ages 3 – 11 with cartoon and live action video instruction. CAPS COVERResearch has proven that younger students learn twice as fast with the integration of animation and video than traditional lectures. CAPS produces the perfect blend of lectures, quizzes, fitness drills, safety drills, self defense and video enhancements. Master Roland Jackson has spent the past 10 years developing , testing and researching the many positive effects of martial arts within the public school curriculum. The end result is a well balanced Scholastic Martial Arts program which benefits public schools and martial arts school owners! The process of making learning fun and interactive will vastly improve the retention of the curriculum and therefore enable our youth to remember what to do if danger was to ever find its way to our children. The CAPS program is based on the word HIYAA! The term HIYAA! is the standard shout of a martial art student as he or she engages in high intensity training. The Kihap or Spirit Shout channels the energy and confidence of the user and expels it into an external object or person!  Parents and kids will learn how to channel their energy and confidence through the HIYAA system!

CAPS’ second area of focus is school safety! The safety of our students is a responsibility for all faculty members and students. Our safety curriculum covers Severe Weather, Fire Drills and Lock-Down procedures. The recent increase in gun violence has prompted a desperate need to educate our educational facilities with a child friendly program that will prepare and inform our children without producing FEAR and Anxiety! Safety School will teach students and teachers to work together as a safety team! Each individual has an important role to follow which protects the entire class from harm! Teachers and students will learn how to secure doors and windows with inexpensive everyday items and how to recognize potentially dangerous situations before they occur! The SECURE system teaches students and teachers to Secure Everything Calmly Utilizing Rational Emotions. Help us keep our students Safe and Secure!