SMAKIDS was created to provide the community with an outstanding martial arts curriculum at an affordable price. Our mission is to utilize the principles of scholastic martial arts to guide our students mentally and physically. The BOLT system is based on utilizing the 9 pillars of character development as well as common core standards. Character and academic standards are interwoven in the martial arts curriculum. There are also assessments that measure success in each category. The kids curriculum is centered around Bequeathing Outstanding Leadership Together (BOLT). The adult program follows the motto: Bringing Our Lives Together (BOLT).





Wee Warriors are for ages 3-7. This class teaches basic to intermediate martial arts techniques as well as physical education units based upon age and ability. Warriors learn child appropriate martial arts, locomotor skills and educational enhancements such as : counting, colors and number recognition. Wee Warriors also learn basic sight words while strengthening their memorization skills through martial arts drills and techniques. Warriors progress through a similar  rank system as juniors and adults but begin junior classes as a purple belt or lower at age 7. Wee Warriors sessions are 30 minutes to accommodate their growing attention span and reduce burnout.




Scholars are ages 8-12 and represent the core of our members. The Combat Scholar program teaches academic enhancements from math, reading, science and social studies. Our students learn scholastic martial arts in a revolutionary and exciting environment. SMA members have a unique blend of physical and web based instruction that caters to all learning styles. We also understand the true value that character plays in the development of our youth. SMA utilizes a proven system of character education and assessments which can be measured and tailored to enhance those traits that foster success. Parents can see their children mature and succeed through our character tests.



1001232394SMA Adult and Teen classes are a well-balanced mixture of martial arts and fitness. Each session is designed to burn calories as well as implement solid martial arts techniques. We pride ourselves on our curriculum which has been fine tuned to precision. The average time between white belt to black belt is under three years (to be exact 2 years and 8 months). Our system eliminates all of the non-productive training and space fillers which are created to keep members longer and make the school’s bank account larger! SMA black belts often surpass our competition because we have NO restrictions based on any particular style or system. Our members stay with us based upon the scholastic martial arts curriculum which is constantly evolving to complement our lifestyles. SMA instructors must com1001028869plete several seminars and continuing education courses to provide our students with the latest and best curriculum in martial arts.