“A universe built upon Education and Scholastic Martial Arts with our youth as the Stars”



Discover a new you! We all have hidden potential that’s waiting to surface. Join our Summer Program and discover your limits and possibilities. Everyone works at their own level but has the support of an awesome support group! Classes are forming now! Our thirty minute fitness workout is designed to be challenging and fun for all fitness levels and ages. Classes will start June 6. 2016


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SMAKIDS is like NO other martial arts facility in the country! Our design is based upon over 14 years of research and development within the public schools in Hillsborough County.  SMAKIDS’ curriculum is driven by real Florida Academic Standards. There is NO place outside of your child’s school that places a higher concentration on academic success! Our character program was also created inside public schools and perfected with over 3000 students participating in our physical education martial arts program! SMAKIDS has also donated over $20,000 to support the efforts of a local PTA. We are a community based charitable organization with official 501(C)3 nonprofit status. We have provided over 100 scholarships for low income students to participate in our martial arts classes over the past ten years! Support Us as we strive to SERVE Hillsborough County!

SMAKIDS is far from the average martial arts school! Our curriculum does not evolve around out dated forms or traditions. We believe that martial arts is among the Humanities of education. It provides the student with history and culture as well as the language of a geographical region. Our goal is to produce high quality Black Belts without the long-winded drama and politics of adhering to an inefficient system of advancement based upon procedures and protocols from 50 years ago! Scholastic Martial Arts is based on the educational system which is constantly evolving and changing due to ongoing research and advances in technology. Today’s school system allows students to advance and master learning concepts twice as fast as twenty years ago! There is zero loss of proficiency or professionalism from the students or teachers. We operate on the same formula and guarantee equal or better results than traditional martial arts schools with shorter time requirements and less cost! This is the true power of our Scholastic Martial Arts Non Profit Community Centers!

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COMBAT: to struggle or strive against, to be in conflict with, a fight, struggle or controversy as among people, teams or ideas.

HALT COMBATHalt Violence is a revolutionary program designed to COMBAT hostile aggression within our community, schools and homes. The news and internet are largely composed of violent actions and confrontations from young men and women across the nation. This issue has become so widespread that websites have gained popularity by uploading amateur videos of mostly teenagers fighting with the crowd’s approval. There is NO glory or prestige in senseless violence! HALT utilizes the Art of COMBAT to re-educate our youth and diversify their thinking process when confronted with struggle or controversy. The Art of COMBAT develops the mind to seek solutions from backward thinking by seeing the end as a means of controlling the present and determining the future. The AOC is defined by the nine character pillars of Scholastic Martial Arts.

Scholastic Martial Arts utilizes nine character traits in our program. Unlike other martial arts programs, we concentrate on developing the core strengths of each student and provide them with personalized character mapping.

“Violence is nurtured in the mind but it destroys the body!”


SMAKIDS, Inc. will provide Educational, Safety Awareness and Scholastic Martial Arts services to low income and migrant students through after school and summer camps for applicable students and the community. SMAKIDS will also furnish character books, curriculum and educational software (science,  geography,  math,  physical  education  and  reading)  to public  schools and  community based  organizations.  We will teach professional workshops and  educational seminars for adults  and kids within the  community.  SMAKIDS will administer Scholastic Martial Arts seminars, programs and  classes to  applicable students as well as provide membership based  consulting, instruction and martial arts competitions to the community. We are the official home of the HALT Violence program and the Youth Entrepreneurs Network.



Scholastic Martial Arts has been a driving force in the educational community since 2001.  Our first program  was called  SMART KIDS – SAFE KIDS! This  unique  program was  available in 14  states and public schools around the country! SMA’s greatest creation is PEAK Performance which stands for Physical Education Academic Karate.  PEAK is a standard unit  of  study in  physical  education programs  in  Hillsborough County and is quickly gaining  national  support  through  academic and physical education vendors.

Scholastic Martial Arts was designed  by  a physical education teacher to operate flawlessly within the public and private school curricula. Our system is an amazing physical education class as well as a  powerful  profit  generator.  Students LOVE  taking  martial  arts  in  their  standard  physical education class!  SMA is the perfect alternative  sport  for the individual who wants to work within a group but still progress at their own pace. It allows students to work together through a wide variety of  training  drills  and  practice  independently  on  their katas  or forms.  SMA  will  also  provide a competition venue for all members to participate in regional tournaments and training seminars.

SMAKIDS brings traditional  and modern martial arts to an  academic environment. Our system is  called  Scholastic Martial Arts. SMA  is  a  complete martial arts program.  The curriculum covers the philosophical, historical, scientific and practical applications of martial arts. Most martial arts schools call their members students, but they neglect the importance of building an academic structure.   SMA  is  based  upon  the  academic  process  and  develops  students  through  total emergence into the culture and history of their art. Quest Title

SMAKIDS  is the  ultimate after  school  fund raising program!  This is the ONLY program your school will need to  produce thousands  of dollars will  virtually zero  setup cost, no investment costs, and low monthly administrative duties! These reasons alone make SMAKIDS an awesome choice as a year round fundraiser.  However, the best reason is the excitement! Students of all ages LOVE the allure and energy of martial arts.  The curriculum is  challenging  and fun!  Our  students  enjoy learning  new techniques  from traditional and  exotic martial arts systems.  SMAKIDS also accepts rank earned from  other styles!  This means NO starting OVER! Keep your rank and get started learning a new and exciting curriculum.

PEAK Performance introduces technology into martial arts through groundbreaking curriculum. Our system is built on traditional values of martial arts, however; this is the age of technology! PEAK provides the BEST of BOTH worlds!  We teach utilizing Korean and Japanese  terminology to generate the authentic atmosphere of  martial arts  and our  training  is assisted with the  latest advances   in fitness  and  martial arts technology. We were  among the  first trainers to utilize the revolutionary Makoto Interactive Arena and it has produced extraordinary results!

PEAK AdvertisementPEAK expertise is centered around enhancing reflexes and response times. Our athletes are on average 1 second faster than students who are not utilizing our training technique and we all know how much of a difference 1 second can make in any sport.

Makoto can  be utilized as a  trainer  for virtually all  martial arts tools. It is also the only trainer with an on-board computer which tracks your  progress  and reaction  times.  The system is totally random  and  never follows  the  same  pattern which  eliminates guessing or  anticipating.  The result is pure reflexes which can enhance our students in any sport. Makoto also stimulates the right and left brain simultaneously which provides our students with a sharp, quick and precise thought process!


1001232394Scholastic Martial Arts is much more than kicking and punching. It combines all the trusted traditional values of martial arts and modern enhancements from common core standards. Most martial arts schools stress very little interest in the student. SMA is designed to focus on martial arts and academic student achievement. Our curriculum was designed inside public schools with a concentration on physical education and common core standards.
However, it is not just for kids! Adults and teens have a full curriculum that really brings the entire family together in fitness, self defense and competition. BOLT stands for “Bringing Our Lives Together” or “Bequeathing Outstanding Leadership Together” and that is exactly what it does. BOLT was created to allow friends and family to workout together and support each other while saving money. The larger your support group the more saving are passed on to the members. BOLT classes are driven on fitness and weight loss. Twenty  minutes are dedicated to an energetic calorie burning workout and the last twenty minutes are real self defense applications with BOLT mini sessions throughout the drills. The session begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down activity.  BOLT members will not only lose weight but also gain life saving techniques through repetition and application.

SMA  will  also  form a  tournament  circuit for  school aged  students  in public  schools  across  the country. SMAKIDS is the competition division of scholastic martial arts. Our system is very unique and built  around  the  public  school system  with  the  purpose  of  academic success!  SMAKIDS tournaments  will  operate as a fund raiser for  local  schools throughout  Hillsborough County.  Our purpose  is to  enhance  academics  and  physical  education   through  technological resources and social enhancements.