Migrant Martial Arts Program


SMAKIDS’ Migrant Martial Arts Program was created for our at risk immigrant youth.  The MMAP curriculum was designed to offer a professional business plan for migrant youth ages 16 -20 to develop business skills and on the job training in the martial arts industry. Martial arts is an extremely fast growing industry with a billion dollar market value. It is one of the few industries that doesn’t require an educational degree. Success is strictly based on the knowledge and skill of the instructor. There is a special bond between a martial arts instructor and his / her MMAP students. No one represents this bond better than our migrant workers who often work and travel together from state to state year after year. Our migrant youth have already acquired the ability to adapt to diverse environments and unpredictable situations. The MMAP will enhance our migrant youth with pride and confidence; in themselves as well as their culture. SMAKIDS will provide them with a special program that promotes unity (brother / sister in the martial arts world) and entrepreneurial endeavors (business owners, certified instructors and program directors). SMAKIDS will provide each student with an instructional manual and video curriculum to study at home or on the road. Our website will also provide a special login for MMAP students and instructors!

SMAKIDS Migrant Martial Arts Program is also a division of the Youth Entrepreneur Network or YEN which teaches at-risk teenagers between the ages of 16 – 19 how to own and operate a martial arts club. Our trainees are given the tools to succeed in the martial arts industry. YEN instructors learn enough curriculum to take their students through 9 months of training. This will allow them to promote their students through yellow belt curriculum. Upon their seasonal return, our migrant instructors will learn curriculum for the next three belts. Yen is also the third highest currency in the foreign exchange market. It is the official currency of Japan and reflects our ties to the history and culture of martial arts as a social, charitable and economic resource. We will also offer personal improvement classes like computer basics, business marketing and much more!

YEN graduates will have the resources and support to operate affiliated charters within communities and public schools throughout Hillsborough County. This will significantly lower the cost of martial arts instruction and provide a positive recreational outlet for our migrant youth through tournaments and community workshops. Scholastic Martial Arts places a primary focus on the student instead of the business. Our success will be determined by increases in GPA’s, graduation, self employment and lower crime rates. SMAKIDS is the evolution of martial arts and education!