SMAKIDS is the final phase of a martial arts curriculum that began in Apollo Beach during the year 1999. The foundation was deeply rooted in the nation’s largest martial arts organization (ATA). After four very successful years, the school decided to break ties with ATA and seek out its true passion which is education. This bold move created the scholastic martial arts curriculum and the first phase of academic based karate called SMART KIDS SAFE KIDS. SMART KIDS was a huge hit and gained notoriety through national and state workshops and conventions.  SMART KIDS received a grant through the Adult and Community Education Program and began teaching summer enrichment classes at several public schools. Scholastic Martial Arts was starting to gain momentum!

Smart Kids

It was a signature program for John Graden’s Martial Arts Teachers Association and a key workshop at the Martial Arts Leadership Convention in Orlando, Florida. SMART KIDS allowed martial arts schools to network and teach inside public schools. It  was purchased and implemented in several states, but something was missing! It was strong on the martial arts industry side but lacked full support from some school administrators who had already undergone a bad karate school experience. So, the best way to fix the problem was from the inside. PEAK Advertisement

Master Jackson became a certified physical education teacher in 2007 and began building the scholastic martial arts brand from the ground up within the public schools. Thousands of hours of research and development went into the program and the data was measured through academic assessments,  professional workshops and student involvement. The break through success of Scholastic Martial Arts gained Master Jackson the honor of being elected new physical education teacher of the year and placed the curriculum as a professional development course which was promoted through the physical education department and supported by Florida Sunshine State Standards.

Scholastic Martial Arts started its first official club at Bailey Elementary from 2010 – 2015. The program raised over $20,000 for the PTA and taught over 100 students in those five years. SMA was also taught as a physical education class at Bryan and Bailey Elementary serving over 1200 students! The popularity of Scholastic Martial Arts allowed entry into several national catalog vendors for physical education. Having gained educational endorsements and support, Master Jackson decided it was time to bring Scholastic Martial Arts back to the industry. This prompted the creation of the MASSES: Martial Arts Schools Supporting Enrichment Services.

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