20151014_183903 Master Jackson has over 30 years of martial arts training with 20 years of teaching experience. His background comes from a strong competitive karate school in Hinesville, Georgia. Master Jackson earned his first degree black belt under the guidance of Master Keith Jenkins and continues to train and rank test back in Georgia. After moving to Savannah, Georgia, Master Jackson began training with Master Jim Richards and the American Taekwondo Association. He trained with ATA for 8 years and operated an ATA license school for 5 years. Master Jackson decided to leave ATA and concentrate his efforts toward developing a martial arts system that incorporated academic standards and character education into the curriculum. This gave birth to Scholastic Martial Arts! Scholastic Martial Arts is offered as a physical education unit of study, public school enrichment program and community based martial arts system. Master Jackson is an accomplished martial artist and  highly effective teacher in Hillsborough County Public Schools! He has published martial arts and character education books as well as developed the district’s martial arts in-service curriculum.

20151014_184012 Kamal Jackson is the senior instructor and highest ranking member of Scholastic Martial Arts. He has been training in martial arts since age 2 and has 16 years of training experience with 3 years of teaching experience. Kamal is eligible to test for 4th Degree Black Belt this year which will award him the title of  Jr. Master Instructor! Mr Jackson has won several tournaments and possess highly accomplished skills with several martial arts tools and acrobatic techniques.